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Tech Support FAQ

Windows Vista/Windows 7 Issues

I can't run The Realm Online on Windows Vista/Windows 7...
Windows Vista/Windows 7 allows you to change the compatibility mode that you run The Realm Online and other programs in. The screenshots below will help you set the compatibility mode so that The Realm Online will run properly.

Right click your desktop icon and select properties. If you do not have a desktop icon goto Start/Programs/Norseman Games/The Realm Online/ then right click on The Realm Online file

Check the box that says "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"
Select Windows 2000 in the drop down box immediately below the checkbox.
Under the Settings area check the following boxes:
Disable visual themes
Disable desktop composition
Disable display scaling on high DPI settings
Finally under the Privilege Level area check the box that says "Run this program as an administrator."
Now you can click OK and run The Realm Online normally.

I am running Realm on Windows Vista/Windows 7 and getting beeps every time I roll over a spell in the spell book, or an item in my inventory. How do I stop this beeping?
You need to go into device manager to turn off the beep. Either right click 'My Computer' and go to device manager from the hardware tab or go there through control panel, system.

In device manager click 'View' then 'Show Hidden Devices'.

Find 'Non-plug and play drivers' and 'Beep' should be listed there.

Double click 'Beep', and click the 'driver' tab in the popup window, then select to 'Stop' the service.

Then change the 'start-up type' to 'Disabled' instead of 'System'.

Click OK and exit all the windows.

You may need to reboot your computer before the changes take effect. Please remember on Windows Vista/Windows 7 you may need to be logged in as an administrator to make changes.

Game Feature Issues

I can hear the game's music but no sound effects. What's wrong?
Check your Realm sound settings. Under the Options button of the main interface select "General" and be sure you have the "Sound Effects" check box checked and that the volume slide control is high enough to permit you to hear the game's sound effects at the level you prefer.
If that fails to activate the sound effects then the problem could be with your sound card's driver software. If the sound card came with the computer when it was purchased, please call the computer manufacturer for the latest driver, and they can send it. If the sound card was purchased separately, then contact the manufacturer of the sound card to get the latest driver. The manufacturer should include instructions with the driver for installing it.

How do I reset the Login List?
Delete the files called 'loginlist' and 'login', in your Realm folder installation folder. These files will be automatically generated (and blank) when you next start up the game.

If you want to remove certain logins from the recent logins list, open 'loginlist' in notepad and edit the list. Remember to save before you close. It may be advisable to store a copy of the file in a safe location before editing, which can be restored to the folder if any problems occur.

The last line of my tells does not show up. In order to see it, I have to type a period. How do I fix this?
Your Windows font setting may be too large. To change the setting do the following:
  1. Right-click your desktop and pick "Properties"
  2. Click the "Settings" tab
  3. Click the "Advanced" button toward the bottom of the screen
  4. Under the "General" tab, make sure your font setting is set to 96 DPI (this is sometimes called Normal Size or even Small Size)
Using anything larger will cause the text on your Realm screen to appear different and cause problems when aligning it.

Connectivity Issues

How can I configure "The Realm Online" so it will work through a firewall?
In order to play The Realm Online, you will need to open a number of ports.

The TCP/IP ports to open are:
  • 6005
  • 6006
  • 6012
  • 7000
  • 7002
  • 8000
  • 8001
Your system administrator can usually open the ports.
Note that these are the ports currently being used and are subject to change.

Automated Update System

What is the Automated Update System?
The Automated Update System is a the part of The Realm Online program that detects, downloads and applies updates to the game. When the game runs, it checks a special update server for the existence of new updates. If new updates exist, they are downloaded to your computer. After all of the new updates are downloaded, The Realm Online closes and the updates are applied. When working properly, this process makes updating The Realm Online effortless.

What exactly is contained within a update downloaded?
Updates are "patch" files that tell the update system how to modify your current version of The Realm Online to make it match the version contained within the patch. The Automated Update System uses special update creation software called RTPatch 5.2 (http://www.rtpatch.com) to accomplish this.
RTPatch ensures that the update sizes are kept to a minimum for easy download. There is a potential issue here. Each update that The Realm Online downloads is specifically created to update a single version of the game. If your current version is not exactly the same as the version that the update was built for, the patch will fail. Corrupted or old files are generally the cause for such patch failures.

Specifically, how does the update system work?
The update system consists of three major components. They are:
  1. SCIW.EXE: This program is the main game program. When you're playing the game, this is what you are running. The first part of this program is what detects and downloads the required updates. Windows will not allow a running program to be updated, so this program can not actually perform the updating. That's because this program is frequently the target of the updates it downloads.
  2. WLAUNCH.EXE: This program detects and oversees the application of any downloaded updates. You can think of this program as the master of the update system. Any shortcut to run the game must run this program, otherwise no downloaded updates will be applied! Be careful when making your own shortcuts.
  3. RTPatch: This is the software that actually applies the updates to The Realm Online.
    This software has recently been updated, so the files responsible for it are vary based on your current version of The Realm Online.
    • If your version is above 3.095 then the RTPatch software is contained within the PATCHW32.DLL file.
    • If your version is below 3.096 then the RTPatch software is contained within the PATCH.EXE file.
      Please be aware that if your version is above 3.095 then the PATCH.EXE program is out of date and will not work on newer update files.

The process is fairly straightforward. When you click on The Realm Online icon, your computer opens and runs the WLAUNCH.EXE program.
This program will erase any existing update files and then open and run the SCIW.EXE program.
WLAUNCH.EXE will remain idle until SCIW.EXE closes. When SCIW.EXE runs, it will check the update server and download any new updates.
Once all the updates are downloaded, SCIW.EXE closes. When SCIW.EXE closes, WLAUNCH.EXE wakes up and looks for any new downloaded update files.
If there are any new update files then WLAUNCH.EXE will invoke the RTPatch software on each of them in turn, bringing your system up to date.
If WLAUNCH.EXE does not find any new update files it closes, otherwise it will open and run the SCIW.EXE program again.

What can I do to ensure that my update process will run smoothly?
There are a few simple things you can do to avoid having any update problems. They are:
  1. Always run WLAUNCH.EXE when playing the game. If you use the icon that was created when you installed the game, this should already be done.
    If you've made your own shortcut, be sure it runs WLAUNCH.EXE and not SCIW.EXE.
    This is a bit confusing because the SCIW.EXE program shows The Realm Online icon where WLAUNCH.EXE program does not.
  2. Never run two copies of The Realm Online when the system is updating itself.
    If you notice that there are updates available, make sure only one copy of The Realm Online is running.
    If you don't the update system will not be able to update your files properly and your game may become corrupted.
  3. Never change or erase the files in the folder where The Realm Online is installed unless you know its absolutely safe.
    The update system will only change files that it can recognize.
    If you change files that the system wants to update, it will not recognize them and the update process will fail.
    After version 3.101 there is one area where files can be changed.
    That area would be the skins\user folder under your Realm Online installation folder. Read the README.TXT file in that folder for more information.
  4. You should regularly check your computer for viruses. Many viruses can have detrimental effects on The Realm Online's operation.

When The Realm Online is being updated by a patch the game downloads the patch but does not apply it to the game. What's wrong?


Everytime I run The Realm it downloads an update and then closes. I don't see any other messages or windows after it downloads and closes. Then, when I run The Realm again, it downloads the same update again! What can I do?
Make sure you are starting the game with the WLAUNCH.EXE file!
  • Right click on The Realm Online shortcut on your desktop.
  • Select Properties.
  • The Target should be pointing to WLAUNCH.EXE. If it is not, change the setting to WLAUNCH.EXE.
These problems are caused by running SCIW.EXE instead of WLAUNCH.EXE.
You must run WLAUNCH.EXE when starting the game.
This can be a bit confusing because the SCIW.EXE program shows The Realm icon where the WLAUNCH.EXE program does not.
Remember, this answer only applies if you don't see any other messages or windows after the game downloads and closes.

Other Operating Systems

Can I play The Realm Online on a Macintosh or Linux?
It is not currently possible to play The Realm Online on the Mac or Linux operating system (OS). However, it is possible to run a virtual machine version of a supported Windows OS on those systems, and run The Realm Online from that.

Unfortunately Norseman Games cannot offer instruction on how to install and operate a virtual machine on a Mac/Linux. Please consult their respective communities, or search for further information about Mac/Linux virtual machines.

Thank You,

Realm Technical Support,
The Realm Online

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