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As the warm days of Summer grow shorter, and much anticipated cooler seasons draw near, come join us for 'End of Summer Soiree 2014'

Grab your favorite colored surfboard and swimwear and relax.


Fall is just around the corner!

Well it is that exciting time of year again for The Realm. Harvest festivities and all of their wonders are just around the corner.

It is a busy time in Realm for its citizens, with a bumper pumpkin harvest coming in this year!

Norseman Games would like to give the community an opportunity to help with the carving of Jack O'Lanterns this year.

Draw a stencil for a Jack O'Lantern in any theme (appropriate for all), submit the drawing along with your character's name to maeja@realmserver.com by October 15 to enter the competition.

We do not need you to draw the pumpkin itself, just the stencil that will be on its face.

They should be at least 100x100 pixels, and no bigger than 200x200 pixels.

Please only submit designs you have created yourself; we cannot accept photographs or screenshots.

We look forward to everyone taking this opportunity to share their favorite Jack O'Lantern carving with all.


24 Oct 2011. The Terms of Service (ToS) and the Customer Code of Conduct (CCC) have been amended as follows:

ToS: Section I, Rules of Conduct. Added term - " The Customer Code of Conduct, also known as the "CCC", is hereby and herein incorporated by reference."

CC: Trade Embargo Clause - First line amended to read "You may not sell or trade or solicit to sell or trade..."


Update: Please note, not all updates will be revealed and are left to be discovered

Daemon behind de Mask
In response to Community Feedback, the chance to find a Thieves’ Mask has been significantly increased.

The Sword is Mightier... The Tiwaz has been sharpened and the resulting boost in damage has set it apart from its cousin the Eihwaz, promoting it to a much more fitting position worthy of the level of fighter that wields it.

The Swap N Shop Seats Swap N Shop has had an inventory shuffle, and we have added the other facings of seats to the available prizes for purchase. This includes the left-facing Sitting Rock, and remaining facings of the Chair, Stool, Mushroom and Stone Bench.

A Store in a place like this? An enterprising young upstart has managed to open a store of sorts deep within the Dragon Pit, offering repairs and supplies at considerable price. Exactly how they managed this is a mystery, as is the exact location of the store holder...



Reports suggest the area surrounding the Orc hometown of Horsham has undergone a massive catastrophe unlike anything seen before. The air is thick and dark, and having barely any light is making travel within the area nearly impossible for scouts. All contact with Horsham has been lost. It is believed some Orcs may have fled south, but reports from Murias are notably sketchy, and no official comment has been made as to the source or reason for this development.

Citizens are asked not to enter the area under any circumstances. Stay away from any beings spotted in the vicinity of the Konge Province, as they are believed to be dangerous.


Drangon Pit and New Regions

To all Citizens of The Realm,

Today I am pleased to announce the return of several defunct aspects of The Realm Online that will return to full inclusion within the game world.

As some of you may realize, this refers to The Dragon Pit, and the treasure items within; as well as several other items that were removed for the same purpose.

Alongside the Dragon Pit and related treasure items return we will also be introducing new areas to the Realm’s map; the south-western farmlands known as The Fallows, and the Konge province beyond. These areas are the start of a series of updates that will complete the full set of changes, including a new home for the Dragons which will include fair hunting both in dungeon and above ground for groups and solo players nearing or at level 1000.

Treasure in the area will be geared towards rewarding players that have already reached the pinnacle of the levelling system, and will be as fair as possible to casual players as well to allow everyone to take part.

Click Here to read more.



Never be lost again!: Introducing the latest version of the 'Players Map'. If you would like to know where you are in the world of the Realm, simply type in '/room' command and reference the Players Map to locate where you are in the Realm.

Click on map above for enlarged image


The North Mists Lift

The mists towards the northern edge of Caer Fandry have once again been pushed back by a massive storm surge.
The area directly north of the Northern Steppes has been uncovered, revealing the long lost Crystal Mountains - said to once have been home to the source of Mana Crystals. Though as time has gone on and the influence of the Shrouded One's forces increased, this once beautiful mountainside is tainted and drained of most of its power.
Though crystals still erupt from the ground in impressive displays, and send up glittering illusions and lights into the sky at the peak of midday.

BEWARE of a new evil that stalks the lands.

The mountains are far from deserted, an ancient tribe of Rock Trolls has been disturbed, and their awoken state is one of frenzy - though they hunt the evil six-legged Basilisk fiends. These monstrous abominations are quick and deadly to unprepared adventurers.


Two new metals have been discovered by explorers existing in veins deep within the earth. Whilst these metals are ill-fit to be used by themselves as crafting materials, blacksmiths have already discovered their inherent density grants them the ability to absorb sudden shock damage.

With this knowledge in hand the metals are being plated to mythril and studded into troll leather to great affect at nullifying the affects of critical hits. When asked why, a budding blacksmith pointed out that only troll leather is rigid enough to hold the studs – and plating such a dense metal onto any other metal armour would cause serious weight issues for fighters. Even with the optimum configuration, use of the armour is recommended only for experienced fighters.

Unfortunately for tradesmen the ores and metals are only available in areas already inhabited by monsters. Dragons and Kilrogs have taken a shine to the shiny chunks – and other ore veins run towards eastern border of Winter Wold and in the dunes of the desert between Asgard and Arimathor.

Good luck, and good crafting.


New Summer Wear!



Come and enjoy the new look to Fafnir's Swamp.



Months after the caves of Fafnir’s Dragon Pit were closed off, restoration work on the entrance has finally been completed.

As the daylight once again streamed into the dungeon, dragons that had long since forgotten the feeling of light upon their scales feasted upon their terrified rescuers. Those surviving the rescue have reported massive tectonic shifts down below, resulting in a new treasure horde being released from the draconic vault, as well as sealing off the dusty library and rerouting several connecting tunnels.

Dragon Pit has relaunched today, it is open for all to use – though we suggest adventurers find a couple of friends to help them.

The new Dragon Pit boasts an improved layout, shorter projected running time, new treasures and no more annoying slimes.

So get out there, get dragon slaying, and bring home the treasures!



Snow and ice melt and recede from the lands as Winter Wold and the area surrounding Elphame’s temple has grown as chilly as her mood. A creeping frost from the temple has laid waste to much of the woodland, suffocating flowers and spring from the branches and buds. Even the birds avoid passing overhead as the emanating cold brings a permanent frost to the nearby town of Usk.



The cartography department would like to congratulate the top five submissions. The Realm Community has voted and the results are official! The new Uncharted Territory will be named ‘Northern Steppes’

It's Here!
New Territory in The Realm

Explore this new area faithful citizens, the cartography department has issued a notice to all that the new area is to be called Northern Steppes



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