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About TRO

Experience the nostalgia of retro gaming with The Realm Online. Immerse yourself in a world of turn-based combat, RPG elements, and multiplayer adventures. Encounter a variety of creatures and monsters as you embark on epic quests. Join guilds and form alliances with fellow gamers. Get ready to relive the golden age of gaming.

Server Status:

Who is Digital Alchemy?

Our mission Statement:


We are excited to bring a breath of fresh air to this cherished game. Although we are newcomers to The Realm community, we eagerly anticipated connecting with and learning from the community members. 


In the forefront of our mind, we will continually be asking our team this:

Are we establishing and maintaining a sense of community with and for
the players?

We are excited to announce that your feedback and ideas will have a space to be shared and reviewed by our team in the coming weeks and forward.


The Realm Online community is one that stretches globally and allows
friendships and bonds to be created.  Throughout the years, the love of
gaming and common interests have forged spaces for people who feel like
they don’t fit in, or whose stressors are monumental and just need a little fun.

Perhaps you just want to pull out that mouse, maybe put that headset
on, boot up your PC, take a breath and allow the real world to slip away! 


While getting the game back online is our first priority, we have no plans of stopping there.


With a team composed of individuals from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and strengths, we have a solid foundation to harness each person's unique abilities and work together towards a common goal: bettering The Realm Online!


We will be transparent about where we are currently and a timeline when
applicable, to where we are heading.


We thank each past, present, and future player for this opportunity.  An opportunity to keep a legacy alive for some whilst providing future memories and friendships of The Realm Online community for years to come!

We sincerely hope you will join us on this journey and remember to visit the recently launched FAQ page.

-Digital Alchemy


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