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Crafting is back, and it's better than ever! We're reintroducing and expanding our crafting system to include not just armorsmithing and weaponsmithing but also tailoring and leatherworking skills.

For those of you ready to forge and stitch, this expansion will feature Admantium for weapons and armor, Rock Troll Leather for leather, and Sprite Silk for cloth. Each expansion moving forward will introduce a new tier of materials.

Crafted weapons and gear will have random rolls for damage, stats and even color!

What do you need to craft?

* Base Materials: These are your bars, hides, and other such primary resources, found only in the wild or the darkest corners of dungeons.

* Store-Bought Items: Each crafting skill requires specific purchased items. Example, Tanning Oil is essential for leatherworking in this tier.

* Crafting Tool: From the classic Armorsmithing Hammer to the newly introduced Seamster Kit and Leatherworking Kit, you'll need the tool of your trade.

* Mana Crystals: Mana Crystals are back, baby! Obtain these by harvesting magical items. The rarer the item, the more crystals. Mana crystals are also droppable and tradable, making them a valuable resource for all.

Crafting in Mabon's Gamble is not just about creating gear; it's about creating possibilities. Whether you're a veteran crafter or new to the forge, the expansion brings new opportunities to innovate, experiment, and excel. Happy crafting!


Adventurers of all realms, prepare yourselves for the ultimate test of courage and combat prowess! We are thrilled to announce the unveiling of the Pit of Anguish, a formidable solo player dungeon that will be available right at the launch of our upcoming expansion. Are you ready to face its fearsome bosses and claim victory?

The Pit of Anguish is designed to push your limits with relentless battles that demand strategy, skill, and sheer determination. Only the fiercest warriors will conquer these challenges and emerge victorious. Those who dare to challenge themselves will have the chance to earn exclusive new decorative rewards that showcase their bravery and prowess.

In conjunction with the launch of the Pit of Anguish, we are also introducing a brand-new currency: Mabon Marks. These marks can be earned within the Pit of Anguish as Dusty Tokens, a testament to your perseverance and strength in the face of adversity. Gather Mabon Marks and exchange them at a newly introduced vendor for rare and highly sought-after decorative items that will set you apart as a true champion.

The Pit of Anguish awaits, and glory beckons!

Prepare yourselves, heroes, for the challenge of a lifetime. The Pit of Anguish opens its gates soon—will you answer the call?


👋 Hi all, I don't usually share any updates from my side, because with it mainly being decorative and event driven I want it all to be a surprise, but a quick recap from my end of things I am working on or have finished for the upcoming expansion -

1. A full restructure / rework of copper items

2. Introduction of new decorative items into the copper system

3. Droppable coppers to be rewarded in a new decorative / event item driven area

4. A full replacement of Faery Caverns with a new, more appropriate dungeon

5. New dungeon entrance artwork

6. A full rework of the event den drop tables

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