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Expansion Spotlight

Below is a spotlight of a couple of the changes currently being worked on for the upcoming first expansion of the Mabon's Gamble server for The Realm Online, that we previously shared on our Discord. We are excited to share these details with you and hope to have the expansion ready soon. In the meantime, if you haven't already done so then, read through these changes and then hop into our discord where you can give feedback and discuss the changes with other players. Discord Link:

 Luck 🎲

As you journey through the world, taking on battles and discovering hidden secrets, you'll find that luck plays a key role in what treasures you might uncover.

Everyone kicks off with a sprinkle of luck, which grows a bit each time you kill a mob at or above your level. And you've already seen gear with +Luck. These items well... make you luckier, and you'll find valuable loot a bit easier.

The way treasures rolls has changed too. Instead of treasures being decided when the mob or chest spawns, now, the treasure rolls when the mob dies or the chest is open. And this is when luck takes its swing. This shift gives us more control on drop rates and a better handle on making sure the rewards feel just right.

Finding something rare resets your luck back, encouraging you to keep exploring and striving. Keep seeking out those opportunities, with luck as your quiet ally, guiding you to the next big find.

Weapon Skills Overhaul ⚔️

Now, let’s dive into the exciting changes to our weapon skills system, designed to streamline your combat experience and expand your armament options.

The 10 current weapon skills will be replace by 4 new skills:

* Light Piercing: Throwing Daggers and Daggers.

* Light One-Handed: Unarmed (Fist Weapons), Short-swords, Longswords.

* Light Two-Handed: Two-Handed Swords, Axes, Maces.

* Heavy Two-Handed: Mauls and Clubs.

Related Changes:

* Free Build Point reallocation: Reallocate your build points to adapt to the new system.

* Mastery Points (MP) Adjustment:

* The highest MP from old skills will transfer to the new corresponding skill group (If you're 100 in Axe and 25 in Mace, you will be 100 in Light 2H)

* Where mastery overlaps MP will apply to both applicable new skills. (If you're 100 in Axe and 100 in Club, you'll be 100 in both Light and Heavy 2H)

* Excess MP will be compensated with coppers.

Skill Costs and Damage Metrics:

* Skill Costs: We will be transitioning from stat-based costs to a static cost system for simpler progression. More to come on this.

* Damage Calculation: Continues to be determined per individual weapon.

This overhaul is aimed at enhancing flexibility and enjoyment in your combat strategy, making each choice impactful and each battle a fresh experience.

Gear up, plan your strategy, and prepare to conquer with renewed prowess in Mabon's Gamble!

These are just some of the changes that will be included in the upcoming expansion. Please stay tuned for more updates.


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