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Past Updates

In an effort to effort to minimize the disparity between announcement sources any message posted here in the future will automatically be posted to The Realm Online's announcements channel in Discord. We will also be exploring linking the launcher's patch notes to this source as well. All the patch notes below have been copied from the previous "What's New?" page to keep the record of past changes.

Patch Notes – 03/31/2024

Easter Content

  • Welcome to Mabon Gamble’s first Easter Egg hunt! Little white fluff balls have invaded areas outside of Leinster and began dropping Easter Eggs. Rumor has it these Easter Eggs aren’t only packed with candy that looks like chips of marble. Good luck on your hunt!

  • Loot Boosts! Chances for rare loot have been boosted everywhere. Good luck!

Patch Notes – 03/13/2024

St. Patrick’s Day Content

  • Added neat new event items for St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and general handouts.

  • Added new decorative items to the Event Oasis, some only drop here. (2s 3l EL TP).

  • In preparation for Easter, new homeowner restricted eggs will no longer disappear once an item is removed.

Patch Notes – 02/29/2024

Content Notes

  • The first annual Love is in the Air festival has concluded. We hope that you enjoyed it and we look forward to bringing it back next year!

  • We have made some slight graphical changes to the Event Oasis that is located 2 south and 3 left of the EL teleporter.

Patch Notes – 02/22/2024 – The Crusade Unveiled

Holy Caves Now Open

  • Dive into the depths of Holy Caves and unravel the complex tale of the Righteous Iron Order. Prepare for battles against cunning new mobs, each with unique combat strategies. Reward your bravery with some seriously phat loot.

Spell Summoning Logic Update

  • “Night Friends” and “Shadow Warrior” have been updated to follow the same summoning logic as “Summon Undead.” For detailed changes, refer to our recent fix notes.

Gameplay and Balance Fixes

  • Squished a continuity bug where some mobs were double dipping on stats (SR, SDM, Phasing). This fix includes a light balance tweak across the board:

  • To summarize, many mobs lost some spell resistance. Specifically mobs up to FoD losing Mysticism SR. Like, a lot of mobs. We don’t want mysticism to be TOO powerful but the myst resist combined with the shrug mechanic was crippling mysticism.

  • Some mobs gained some additional armor, specifically Cyclops, because Gil said so.

  • Global Loot Buffs: Celebrate good times and get geared up to join your allies against the Righteous Iron Order.

Item Buffs

  • Bracers of Defense. Added +4 SR to all spell circles

  • Plate of Invulnerability: Added +8 SR to all spell circles

  • Spellward Striders: Added +12 SR Sorcery

  • Spellward Plate: Added +8 SR Sorcery

New Items

  • New items added to Forest of Death drop tables: Eldritch Spellshirt and Eldritch Spellpants

Content Patch Notes

  • Welcome to Event Oasis, where chance meets delight in a realm of infinite possibilities. Nestled within the heart of a bustling town and hidden in a strange cavern, this enigmatic room beckons those who dare to indulge in the thrill of uncertainty. As you step across the threshold, you are greeted by the shimmering glow of ornate chests, each brimming with the promise of adventure and cosmetic items.

  • The Event Oasis is not merely a room but a sanctuary for the bold and the curious—a gambler’s den where fate hangs in the balance with every turn of the key. Here, the air crackles with anticipation, and the ambiance is alive with the whispers of past victories and the allure of untold treasures.

Fix Notes – 02/18/2024

  • Armor and Weapons are no longer damaged every time they’re hit or used. Indestruction still makes items indestructible.

  • Despothes’ Grove characters will now load characters properly; as part of the initial crafting system we incorporated some changes to our database schema while not verifying the affects against the DG game server and website. We’ve updated our queries to reflect these changes.

  • Client has been updated, again. At a high level we’ve reorganized the client folder structure to be more organized and implemented some small code changes to help trap resource errors.

A few changes made it in with yesterday’s fix that were intended to be released with Holy Caves (Soon™️) BUTTTT… the summons change is not complete. Summon Undead, as many of you noticed, made it in. Night Friends and Shadow Warrior did not. Below is the patch notes for how it works going forward. Again, these changes are live for Undead, and coming soon for NF and SW. Oh yeah, and some minor DH loot adjustment ⚔️

  • Necromancy Summons: The intent at launch (you can go way back and read prelaunch notes) was that certain builds would be rewarded with better summons. It didn’t quite pan out, so we’re taking another stab.

  • Summon Undead, Night Friends & Shadow Warrior all now have 4 possible tiers of mobs they will summon. The requirements to hit those tiers are as follows:

  • Tier 1: Just need to know the spell.

  • Tier 2: Requires at least +10 Necromancy SDM (from gear)

  • Tier 3: Requires at least +30 Necro SDM and meeting two out of three thresholds: 11 Intelligence, 11 Strength, or 11 Endurance

  • Tier 4: Tier 4: Requires at least +60 Necro SDM and meeting two out of three thresholds: 15 Intelligence, 15 Strength, or 15 Endurance.

  • Slightly increased rare loot chances in Daemon Home.

Patch Notes – 02/15/2024

Bug Fixes:

  • The Copper shop vendor will no longer get so angry and throw you out of your client!

  • Mob colors in DH are fixed!

  • The game client will no longer load unnecessary handles resulting in fewer client crashes from handles.

Valentine’s Day Content Patch:

  • The Peddler has been spotted again and my what a story he had. It’s a bit fuzzy but what I can remember is something about a battle with a person named… cupid? Not sure entirely what this cupid is but the Peddler has let it slip that he managed to bring back some very “lovely” exotics for us to acquire.

  • It’s still Winter but you would never know by the temperature outside. Snow has already departed from town and the Holiday trees have been packed up securely until next year.

  • Love is in the air! All of the staff at Digital Alchemy would like to welcome you to our first annual love is in the air festival. We hope you enjoy the festivities! Be on the lookout for staff doing events with festival themed rewards.

Server Maintenance – 02/09/2024

Mabon’s Gamble and Despothes Grove will be down for a few minutes starting at 7:00AM EST/12:00PM UTC to apply an account billing fix that some players have been affected by. Downtime is expected to be minimal.

Patch Notes – 02/01/2024

Launch of the new all-in-one Digital Alchemy Launcher –

  • Combines Mabon’s Gamble, Despothes Grove and a future Test Server into one launcher interface.

  • This new launcher resolves the issues that some players have experienced while using older operating systems such as Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1.

  • Fixed performance issues when loading patch notes and other content directly from the launcher.

  • We are working to allow for multi-boxing natively from the launcher and, until this functionality is completed, a step-by-step guide has been created to guide players.

Patch Notes – 01/31/2024

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug causing server crashes when looking at the character state window.

Item Changes

  • Vitality Bands: Properties changed from iron to leather

Daemon Home Changes

  • Increased DH loot: Small boost everywhere, larger boost on all bosses

Patch Notes – 01/25/2024

Game Enhancements:

  • Aligned humanoid NPCs’ armor with player standards for a more balanced experience.

  • Tweaked throwing dagger damage, offering a subtle boost to overall effectiveness.

  • Increased throwing dagger damage against specific humanoid mobs, providing a more strategic advantage against Devils and more.

  • Addressed MDM readout for claws to accurately reflect endurance.

  • Applied Netherstorm Mantle SDM boost to the correct circle.

  • Updated Darkweave Slippers description for clearer understanding.

  • Elevated Bloodwood, Killing Fields & Forest of Death drop rates, more rewards for more players!

  • Updated Burial Plate Leggings description with accurate information.

  • Ensured Shadowflame Mantle properly applies SDM bonus.

Spell Enhancements:

  • Increased damage for various spells, including Kill Star, Flame Orb, Ice Orb, Acid Sphere, Poison Bolt, Wrath of the Gods, Cold Snap, Warp Mind, Acid Rain, Crushing Boulder, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Steal Life, Spark, Drain Life, Death Wish, and Death Touch.

Technical Fixes:

  • Corrected MDM calculation issue, ensuring players receive full benefits when attributes are at a value of 10.

Fix Notes – 01/22/2024

Client Fix

  • Resolved issue with players crashing after being pickpocketed.

Fix Notes – 01/16/2024

  • Increased drop rate for Daemon Home

  • Mobs should be more clothed now.


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