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Patch Notes 1/11/2024

Server Version 4.23

• Daemon Home is here! Gather your allies and venture forth – epic treasures and daunting challenges await!

• A mysterious peddler has arrived! He’s set up shop in Kurz and has some interesting items for sale. It’s unclear how long he’ll be around.

• A new event area named “The Snowy North” has been discovered. Join in on staff events for a chance to experience this new area! Bring a coat!

• Winter is here! You’ll find The Snowy North’s wintery weather and Holiday decorations around Leinster. Expect some new seasonal items from game staff as well.

• Over 20 new event items have been added for you to collect! Our event hosts are excited to get these new collectibles into your hands so they will be conducting more events for a short time!

• New Item: Tired of getting stuck in a dungeon because you accidentally casted home on your gatherer? We heard you loud and clear and our creative minions have devised an excellent solution, the all new new “Scroll of Gather The Fellowship”. Find this new scroll to ensure you and your team can get out of a sticky situation when needed. Where do they drop? You’ll have to discover that one on your own!

• New Item: Persistence Baldrics have made their appearance. The first five players from each class to reach level cap will be rewarded with a Persistence Baldric for their efforts. The baldric will remain identical between level caps, and a replica version may make an appearance in the future.

• A new area has opened in West Havenwood, but be warned – it isn’t for the faint of heart.

• Mob balancing: In general most mobs will now attack and dodge less. Some mobs may have more health and more spell resistance.

• Spell Damage balancing: (Strap in, a lot to unpack here…)

Level 1 “dart/orb” spells: We’ve modified all these spells to be relatively at the same power level. And to do that, light dart received a small nerf and all the other ones received a slight buff.

Thaum: Wrath of the Gods was an underperformer in the AoE category and is receiving a slight buff.

Elementalism: Buff treatment for the following: Spark, Crushing Boulder, Fireball and Cold Snap. In order to do so without continuing to make Elem the clear “favorite” a few overperformers needed a small haircut (Gust of Wind, Sandstorm and Earthquake). Earthquake proc changed from fumble to stun for consistency with Stoning and Crushing Boulder.

Mysticism: Buffed Warp Mind. Did you know it can also proc confuse?

Necromancy Damage: While necro still seemed strong at GM level, it wasn’t much of a choice for leveling. We’re aiming to change that with quite a few buffs. Poison Bolt, Drain Life, Steal Life, Acid Rain and Mass Drain are all being buffed. Acid damage also now has a damage modifier vs Good Alignment.

• Mana Costs: We can finally adjust mana costs! While some were just a UI issue (Night Friends) many spells have come down in cost.

• Loot Tables: In some instances there was a thematic approach to loot (i.e. good aligned mobs had thaum stuff). While we still like that in theory, it didn’t have the results we wanted in practice. We’re moving to a more “per area” approach (Havenwood, Bloodwood, KF, etc).

• Item buffs:

  • Jailors Gauntlets: The SDM bonus was +10 Necro/Myst. It is now +8 to Elem/Myst/Thaum/Necro.

  • Plate of Invulnerability: AR was 100. It is now 110.

  • Shadeborn Veil: Added +Dodge.

• Defined armor types: In gear descriptions, you should now see if the item is cloth, leather, chain or plate. If we missed any, let us know!

• Fixed bug where all helmets were mitigating damage as cloth. Your heads should now be generally safer.

• The Wrath, BC and EA have orange text (for consistency with DH gear). EA damage also corrected to be on par with other level 75 weapons.

• Some minor weapon damage balancing.

• Added new green tier 2-handed sword and purple tier mace.

• Simplification of stat requirements on gear

Strength requirements are now as follows: Armor:

  • Cloth – 1

  • Leather – 6

  • Troll Leather – 11

  • Chain Chest/Legs – 14

  • All Metal Cowls, Bracers & Metal Boots – 14

  • Plate Chest/Legs – 17Weapons:

  • Dagger/Throw – 1

  • Claw/ShortSword – 6

  • Club/Maul – 17

  • All Other Weapon Types – 14

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