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Patch Notes 12/9/2023

Patch Notes

  • Reduced grouping chance in FoD.

  • Snakes!  Cobra, Trollfang Serpent & Spitting Cobra reverted back to 1 range.  Lava Serpent, King Cobra, Hell Snake and Wyrm remain 3 range.

  • Increased loot chance on dungeon bosses.

  • Homeowner Restricted items will now properly display "Homeowner Restricted" when looked at.  This means the item is sticky and cannot be stolen off your property.  If it doesn't say Homeowner Restricted, it isn't.

  • Holiday Event Items have entered Mabon's Gamble and staff events will begin soon™️

  • Added new resistance gear (Blue, Purple and Orange tiers).

  • Added new blue tier Throwing Dagger and Axe.

  • Added new purple tier Maul.

  • Sweeping re-balance on base weapon damage.  All mundane weapons got the nerf bat.  Almost all magic items got buffed (Throwers and claws got BIG buff).

Dev note:  We know you want your red tier weapons to melt all enemies on the screen.  For the "Core 1-100" game they're really good but things like +Attack are super powerful and will likely come in later level cap expansions.  And melee's issue right now is not damage output, it's more about mitigation (more on that soon™️) 

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