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10/3/2023 - You can join us on discord!

**Updated Community Note:**

  • When will the launch happen? Please keep an eye on the announcement tab in Discord, and I will also provide updates on Facebook (to this post) and the website. We should have more information about the launch time in a few hours (currently 9:24am EST).

  • When can we set up our subscription? We are waiting for the game to be up and running before allowing players to make payments. The subscription option will be available when the game is accessible.

  • Which payment processor will be used? Stripe.

  • I need help with my password who do I contact? While we work out a better means of communication you can contact me privately on discord or Facebook messenger (this page) and I’ll happily assist in resetting it.

**Content updates:**

  • The animation speed will be adjustable.

  • GHelms and GBoNs have been confirmed.

  • When you die you will drop unequipped items based on their value.

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