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11/20/2023 - Please see below for the latest update on the work being done.

Despothes Grove


  • The Despothes Grove server is up and running free to play!

Updates to the new Mabon's Gamble server coming soon are as follows:

  • Vendors updated: Iron, Steel, Cloth and Leather are in Leinster, Tempered Steel and Troll Leather are in Kurz.

  • All skill books available in Leinster at Guildmaster Halls

  • All common spells available in Leinster and Kurz Magic Shops

  • Mysticism Initial Shrug cap reduced on NPCs (25%)

  • Havenwood spawn rates increased

  • Deadly Wolf Woods group chance reduced

  • Resurrection Affect removed from Undead NPCs for the initial zones

  • Mabon's Forced Flee now only works against players

  • XP from Enchant tested and functioning as expected 250 per enchant, 125 per enchant for Permanency

  • Mastery Points: New system - As you use skills in TRO you increase precision points associated with that skill. e.g. 100.0 skill points in Two-Handed Swords would increase MDM for two-handed swords by 100% MDM. Precision Points are capped by your skill level Grand Master=100.0, Master=80.0, Expert=60.0, Proficient=40.0, Familiar=20.0

  • New Sound engine in place and working

  • Server can now send special text colors for items e.g. green text indicates item of power

  • Experience and Item loss changed to Level 10

  • Experience bar added to client to track character progress

  • Zone Event System added: supports community exp, community kills, and community item collection

  • Initial mysticism shrug chance increased

  • Spell Resist applied to all spell circles

  • All Bloodwood zones re-balanced

  • Loot Tables and NPCs re-balanced for newbie zones

  • Lesser Hives re-balanced

  • New event items and areas added for events

  • Faery's no longer shift immediately if not already shifted

  • Weapon Damage Modifiers (What Stats Apply to Which Weapons)

  • Dexterity

  • Short Sword

  • Unarmed

  • Dexterity with Intelligence Bonus

  • Throwing

  • Intelligence

  • Dagger

  • Strength with Intelligence Bonus

  • Long Sword / Broadsword

  • Strength

  • All remaining weapon skills

  • Character Level now improves baseline MDM

  • Armor Mitigation Modifiers

  • Cloth now reduces incoming damage by 5%

  • Leather now reduces incoming damage by 15%

  • Chain now reduces incoming damage by 25%

  • Plate now reduces incoming damage by 50%

  • Armor Durability Updates Low to High

  • Cloth

  • Leather

  • Troll Leather

  • Iron

  • Steel

  • Tempered Steel

  • Mythril

  • Obsidianite

  • World Updates

  • Naktos' Morgue balanced

  • Faery Caverns Balanced

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