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11/25/2023 - Post Launch

Hello Realmers!  Thanks so much for participating in the launch of Mabons Gamble yesterday!  We've seen a lot of great interactions and received a lot of positive feedback.  We want to let you know that we're actively working on enhancements based for the things that feel bad, or just plain wrong. You should expect an update... SoonTM.  

Items we're working on RIGHT NOW!  

  • The beginning wizard experience.  We're working on a few things dynamically here; mana regen, spell mana costs and spell damage.  By tweaking all of these we hope we can make those first few levels a little more interactive.  

  • NPC Thieves:  NPC thieves will receive a damage nerf and a reduced chance to have a throwing dagger.   

  • Getting Jumped:  We had a fix for this pre-launch but it was only giving grace from mobs that already jumped you.  We'll be implementing another fix to help resolve the chain jumping good and neutral alignment players are experiencing.  

  • Server Stability:  We've already identified and fixed a few causes for crashes yesterday and will continue to do so if anymore arise.  

  • Experience Bar, NPC Directions, Helmet Colors:  We've identified all these bugs and will be fixing.  


Thanks for all the valuable feedback, please keep it coming, and Happy Realming!

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