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Patch Notes 10/19/2023

Client Side


  • We are currently transplanting our resources into a more modern version of the workflow  - this dramatically improves accuracy and fluidity of the client and resource building process. The process itself was specially designed for a certain use-case and has been modified to accommodate the current code base we are working in.


  • Sound Manager has to be replaced. The current sound management method the client is using is outdated and now out of license. The company no longer can provide said license so we are replacing the entire sound system for the client. This will not affect anything the player experiences, but moving forward we figure it wise to not use something we have no right to. This was discovered recently, and is being worked on.


Server Side


  • Transplanting our workflow only works in certain regards. For example, Amazon AWS handles things differently than any common VPS provider -  things have to be modified accordingly.

  • We are working on bringing up every portion of the server to spec of modern operating systems. Designing the server specifically for maximum AWS compatibility is a top priority.

  • Verifying that all binaries are running properly and can be reliable over great amounts of time.

Updates are happening on a more regular basis within the Discord. Apologies for the delay on having the game up BUT we are doing everything we can to ensure a smooth launch and gameplay.

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