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Patch Notes 11/27/2023 Server Version 4.20

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: using consumables could crash server in certain cases

  • Fixed: zone event could crash server when attempting to add rewards to player's inventory

  • Fixed: giving items could crash server in certain cases

  • Fixed: MDM modifier being applied to players and NPCs twice

  • Fixed: critical strike not accumulating mastery points

  • Fixed: various item descriptions​

Balance Updates

  • All rooms in dungeons require NPCs to be cleared before progression is allowed

  • NPCs will now only jump you if they're 15 levels above your level

  • NPCs will no long jump you if they're in a dungeon

  • Thief NPCs have reduce chance to have a throwing dagger

  • 25% base damage increase applied to Flame Orb, Ice Orb, Psychic Orb, Acid Sphere and Light Dart

  • 15% base increase to healing spells (heal / greater-heal)

  • 25% base duration increase applied to Empower, Nimbility, Missle Resistance, Immolation, Poison Shield, Fire Shield, Lightning Shield, Cold Shield and Acid Shield

  • Increased base chance for armor to be struck and damage mitigated

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