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Patch Notes 12/1/2023 Server Version 4.22

Naktos is brimming with fury at the Faeries' resilience in the Havenwoods.

He has channeled dark magic into select items carried by his minions.

These enchanted items are the key to overcoming Starlight and the Fae within the Faery Caverns.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: players going beyond level 100

  • Fixed: wrong color specified for mythril based helmets

  • Fixed: invalid spellbook ids for improved invisibility, flame orb and death touch

  • Fixed: text color on various items

  • Fixed: hidden mobs in Naktos' Morgue

Balance Updates

  • Mastery points now gain faster in combat for spells

  • Strength based weapons damage increased

  • Short sword damage increased

  • Damage mitigation increased for leather, chain and plate

  • Several new resistance items added to loot table

  • Several new weapons added to loot table

  • Mana regeneration reduced while in combat

  • Mana regeneration increased while out of combat

  • Reduced experience gain from enchant and permanency

  • Repair cost increased

  • Forgotten Dungeon tweaks

  • Amulet of Death Magic Protection - reduced necromancy spell resist from 50% to 20%

  • Amulet of Free Will - reduced mysticism spell resist from 50% to 20%

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